Kanena Miso & Soy Sauce Brewery

Aoshima (the Blue island) has for over 140 years been the home to the Nagatomo Family owned

The family Run Brewery has been delivering the highest quality 
SHOYU (醤油, Soy-Sauce) and MISO (味噌,Soybeans Paste)
from the banks of the Aoshima river in Miyazaki prefecture,
KYUSHU (Southern JAPAN) since 1877.

Our time in business is testament to our quality
in the discerning Japanese market.

For product inquiries, please contact us by email.(info@kanena.jp)

address:5-8-1, Aoshima, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki JAPAN 889-2162
TEL: +81 985 65 1226 / FAX: +81 985 65 1227

Facebook (English page) : https://www.facebook.com/kanena.jp


BARLEY MISO (味噌 / Miso)


  • Handmade from Pearl Barley, Rice, Soybeans (Non-GMO) and Sea salt,
    (100% of all ingredients are from Kyushu, Japan)
  • No MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) added,
  • No preservatives added,
  • No alcohol added,
  • No heat used,
  • No bleaching on materials,
  • Miso yeast is alive, flavour continues to grow,
  • Natural sweet taste from generous portion of barley and rice malt.
Package on “sell-by-weight” miso Package on pre-packed 500g (“Grain type” on left, “Mashed type” on right.)

SWEET SOY SAUCE (醤油 / Soy Sauce)


SAKE-MIRIN (2-in-1 seasonings of Sake & Mirin)


YUZU PONZU (Non-oil Dressing with Yuzu Citrus)

Yuzu Ponzu

MEN-TSUYU (Noodle Soup, Soy Sauce with Bonito and Kelp Stock)


AMAZU (Sweet Vinegar)

AMAZU (Sweet Vinegar)

Make-Your-Own-Miso Kit

Kanena’s DIY miso kit comes with everything you need to mix and ferment your own classic Japanese ingredient.


Ultimate Soy Sauce set, consists of 3 different types of Soy Sauce

  • Sweet Soy Sauce,
  • Soy Sauce with Yuzu Citrus,
  • Soy Sauce with Dashi.

Freeze-Dried Barley Miso Soup

Freeze-Dried Miso Soup is:
made of Kanena Barley Miso,
which retains the sweet taste of Kanena Barley Miso
and it reproduces original flavor of miso soup
just like it has been served in fine Japanese restaurant.
You can enjoy at home by just adding boiling water.

Tofu Miso Soup (Red package)
Tofu, Wakame, Spring Onion
Vegetable Miso Soup (Green package)
Burdock, Carrot, Bean Curd, Spring Onion


Put a freeze-dried miso soup block into a cup,Add boiling water (160ml – 180ml, as your preference) into the cup,Ingredients of vegetables will float and expand on the surface,Flavour of completed freeze-dried miso soup is like a fresh-making miso soup.


KOJI / AMAZAKE (Malted Rice)

Rice Koji Barley Koji Amazake



Facebook (English page) : https://www.facebook.com/kanena.jp